Progress on QNAP

It's been a long requested feature to have a native installer for QNAP NASes. bliss is ideal for installation on a NAS; its background daemon nature means you can instantly access it when you are listening to some music on the sofa and notice an album artwork error!

One workaround has been to use the Docker build for QNAP. However, that doesn't support all QNAP devices, and some people prefer a more native experience with integration into the QNAP console.

For that we need to build a QPKG which is a QNAP Package which can be installed on to the server.

The writer of the Docker instructions linked above, Sean Gordon, set to work on this and has now published his work to an open source repository at GitHub: QNAP-bliss.

This is a bit meta: it is not the QPKG itself, instead it is a way of building the QPKG, but it's a big step forward and its publication on GitHub makes it easy for others to modify and contribute back.

So if you are a QNAP user, clone the repo and get hacking!

I'm always open to working with hobbyists to integrate bliss into platforms like NASes and the like. Down the years we've done:

I'd love to work with users of any other device, but I've been particularly interested in WD drives, FreeBSD, OpenMediaVault or Unraid lately.

Thanks to Shield Connectors for the image above.
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