This month in digital music libraries - November 2020


This month - more legal shenanigans, Winamp makes a comeback, Discogs turns 20 and more personal music hosting articles.

Release 20201118


This release contains an important user experience improvement to how manual fixes are executed, plus some smaller bug fixes.

Do I have an anti-streaming bias?

A monkey, thinking

Cognitive biases are a fascinating explanation of why we sometimes make irrational decisions.

I was wondering: if the majority of people are making a given decision, and I have a different opinion, does that mean I must be wrong-headed and I have some bias? If the world is switching to music streaming, but I’m here with my Squeezebox like some caveman does that mean I’m not thinking clearly?

Bringing it back home: exporting your YouTube Music library

YouTube Music logo

YouTube Music is a popular service amongst digital music collectors. Like its predecessor did, Google Play Music, it allows file uploads, so your existing, lovingly curated library could be uploaded to the cloud, listened to anywhere, and it would benefit from being backed up by Google.

But what about when it’s time to move on? The service would not be attractive if you were unable to take your library back. Fortunately you can, but the state of the library when exported is not quite as we’d like.

Here’s how to use bliss to fix your Youtube Music backups!

Release 20201026


This release has an important optimisation to the data that bliss stores in its Activity stream. Also, some fixes for file update listening, licensing and reducing duplicate metadata lookups.

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