This month in digital music libraries - February 2021

Newspaper A sprinkling of different resources this February. We’re seeing more growth in the cloud music locker market, Synology has begun restricting what disks you can use in an enterprise NAS, I found a good review of AirPods Max and the Computer Audiophile released a guide to backing up your music library on Synology or QNAP NASes.

Release 20210209 - a Windows desktop app

Windows key In this new release we’re shipping a beta for a new way of launching bliss in Windows. There are also some important bug fixes for the artwork rule.

A comparison of the best cloud music players

Headphones Over the past few months I’ve been writing a series of posts about cloud music storage. So far I’ve concentrated on the storage itself, but just storing music isn’t much if you can’t play it!

While the music-oriented storage services generally provide music players, the generic ones don’t. So, if you’re using any-old cloud storage service, how can you listen to your music direct from the cloud? Here are some apps that can do just like that, and save you the bother of syncing the music separately.

This month in digital music libraries - January 2021

Newspaper Over the Christmas and New Year holiday periods it was a great time - especially in lockdown! - to reconsider your home media setup. This month’s round up include a couple of self-hosting resources, plus also a couple of music collection updates.

Release 20210129 - emergency release!

Ambulance Emergency!

Thanks to a keen eyed devops engineer, we recently discovered two major weaknesses in the way bliss queries metadata and cover art. More specifically: the way it uses certificates to access the metadata server.

Headline: versions of bliss prior to this one will fail to query metadata starting tonight (Friday 29th January 2021).

This release contains a fix so bliss can continue querying metadata. If you have an old version that is affected by this and you cannot upgrade due to not holding a current update subscription, get in touch via and we’ll issue a temporary update licence so you can install this fix.

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