Release 20240322

Group This release contains an important change to how tracks are grouped into albums - before, we used to separate albums with album or artist names that only differed in case. Now, we group those tracks together because we think it means less “clicking around”.

This month in digital music libraries - March 2024

Newspaper This month we’re considering sociological explanations of music streaming, exploring musical artists, reviewing new musical NAS hardware and reading a couple of excellent music articles.

Release 20240227

Completed This week, a bunch of improvements to rule execution, fix-album and fix-all and operation on Synology and QNAP NASes.

This month in digital music libraries - February 2024

Newspaper This month: music journalism woes, new small-tech music projects, data openness and Apple’s Windows Store update for their music services.

Release 20240123


During last month’s release pause we were assessed for a new, upgraded code signing certificate. We underwent a verification process, assessing the company and our build procedures before the certificate would be granted. I’m pleased to say the new certificate has been granted and integrated into our build process!

In addition to that, we’ve added a right-click context menu into the Windows app and fixed a couple of bugs on the Albums page.

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