Release - 20170418 - track level tag correction

Following on from the introduction of tag correction in the last release, this new release moves from album-level metadata to track-level. Specifically, bliss now allows track names to be checked for accuracy. At the album level, we now also allow checking the compilation tag.

In addition there are some big changes on the album detail page with the addition of a list of tracks (to support the track name compliance feature mentioned above) and various tweaks to the appearance of this page.

What is bit rot?

Like any pursuit, music library management has its own set of inconvenient truths. Stuff you know is or might be a problem, but you'd rather ignore because they sound too difficult to fix. Here's one I've been thinking about more recently: bit-rot.

Release - 20170404 - album level tag correction

This week sees the first release of the new tag correction code. This first release concentrates on album level tag correction; in other words, metadata that exist at an album level, such as album titles and artists, release year and genre. Track level tag correction is coming later...

This is overall quite a large release - most obvious is also some new layout code which makes the album grid much more regular and tidier, and also a new look to the "compliance" status markers.

Synology package update - an SPK for manual install

Since we updated bliss's architecture in February, a few things broke in the Synology package. While we wait for patters to fix these, I'm making available a manual-install SPK file which fixes all but one of the outstanding issues.

Incoming: tag correction

I'm just running final sanity tests on the next build of bliss, and it contains some of the most important new code for some time; probably since lookup for missing genre and year tags was added.

I've added album-level tag correction. This means bliss will now check that your current metadata is correct, according to online databases. For example, mispelled album names, mis-typed artist names, incorrect years... they all get noticed, marked  Non-compliant and a one-click fix suggested to address the problem.

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