Release 20210608

Draw This is a small release with another bit of work taking us toward “ignore compliance”. There’s also some improvement to file notification listening and the way rules are executed.

DIY cloud music libraries are not an option in 2021

Monster Following my research into cloud music libraries and services I was contacted to ask about hosting bliss in the cloud. The idea was: you could upload your music and have bliss manage it, then allow synchronisation of bliss’s changes back to your home music network.

You’d think in today’s age of cloud-enlightenment this would be straightforward. It turns out this isn’t just a pain to set up, it’s downright scary in terms of potential cost. So I didn’t bother writing the write-up, but I did decide to write my findings!

Release 20210526

Preparation This release includes the first work toward “ignore compliance”. There are also improvements to memory use, album grouping, display of current artwork and the cover art rule.

This month in digital music libraries - May 2021

Newspaper This month’s look back on the world of self stored, self hosted digital music libraries. In this edition: lots going on with Spotify, ripping vinyl at scale and a few resources including an MP3 repair tool for macOS.

Moving comments

Speech bubble Developing a software product in a solo, bootstrapped company is lonely. Feedback about the product is vital to development of the product but also to me personally.

Unlike a services business or bricks-and-mortar shop I almost never meet any of our customers in person, and I only occasionally meet customers online. Getting real feedback from users and customers is really important for me to get some sort of human interaction!

One of the key ways we get feedback is via comments left on the website. When I saw that the widget we use to record these comments had started showing advertisements, I decided to change the way we do commenting. So we’ve implementing a new way to comment. Here’s what it means for you!

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