Release 20200701

Finish This release includes some small but important fixes to file update listening and updating music files.

Release 20200622

Finish We’re keeping up the momentum on releases and, even though focus is on other areas in the bliss project right now, we’ve got a few more improvements to share. So here they are!

An interview with the Computer Audiophile

Ride For those not tuned into to our social media channels (like our Twitter or Facebook accounts) I thought I’d just draw your attention to a written interview I completed for the Computer Audiophile website.

Release 20200602

Churning This small, but important, release includes some more improvements related to file scans, plus an important fix for anyone using UNC paths on Windows.

Release 20200526

Churning We had a number of reports of problems in the file scan since the past few releases; this release fixes those, plus includes a bunch of other improvements.

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I'm Dan, the founder and programmer of bliss. I write bliss to solve my own problems with my digital music collection.