Release 20180213 - fill in missing track numbers and names

We're back with another new release with two big improvements and some more bug fixes and tunings!

This release adds the ability to fill in missing track names and numbers (positions). Before, the track names and positions would only be corrected if they already existed. This new build adds the ability to complete the fields when they have no data already.

Maildump: Bluesound music libraries

Following on from my Sonos maildump I decided to bring together various information I've learnt about Bluesound libraries down the years.

Bluesound produce an elegant and audiophile grade music system, and they are one of the more popular systems people contact me about. There are a few quirks here and there about how music libraries are managed, so let's gather them in one place here...

Browse different: why MinimServer stands out from the UPnP crowd

For the DIY digital audio enthusiast, UPnP is often the bedrock of a home music network. It's an industry standard that defines how media (that's music to us) sources and playback devices interact. It defines how libraries can be browsed, and how playback itself can work.

Because UPnP is a standard, it means (in theory) you can choose which UPnP source (Media Server), controller (Control Point), or playback device (Renderer) you like. In practice it can be a bit more tricky than that, with some servers supporting different capabilities. Nevertheless, without UPnP we'd have a much more closed choice of software to construct our home music networks.

Release 20180116

A small release with a couple of bug fixes. We've refined how the "buffering" of file modifications works and also updated our tagging library to fix a bug in DSF tagging.

Using BatchPhoto to generate an album art catalogue

Sometimes, when I'm on the bliss Facebook page, Facebook make recommendations for similar pages. Frankly these are mostly pretty inaccurate, but one day a suggestion to view the BatchPhoto page popped up.

Reviewing it, and the BatchPhoto website, gave the impression the tool would have similar users to bliss. So I posted about it.

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