Forcing iTunes to rescan tags in your library

A common inquiry to the bliss support inbox is; once I've used bliss to embed all this canonically correct information and all this beautiful high resolution album art... how do I get my music player to show it?

Some music players will see the changes automatically, but some require a "poke". One such player, and by far the most common music player worldwide, is iTunes.

So what's the best way to force iTunes to refresh its files?

From the mailbag: a music folder rebuild question

This week, a question to the bliss support inbox about restoring file and folder paths, given a "flat" file structure...

Ruleset selecta!

Here's an idea I'd like your feedback on; I've been considering it for years (!) so I thought it was time to write it down.

Ruleset selectors would be a way of applying different bliss settings to different albums. It could be used for defining different locations for compilations, or adding artifacts to album names for 24 bit releases, for example.

Release 20170717

This new release is predominantly a bug fixing, maintenance one. That's while I work on some scaling issues on our metadata server, and also take a couple of weeks off for a holiday!

One new patch of work I have started for this release is the "offical" Synology SPK. The SPK is now part of the build and will be automatically built with other versions, although it won't be published until fingerprinting and a few other items are fixed.

Re-ordering 'The' in artist names - a custom rule

Back to custom rules this week!

Custom rules are not a particularly well used feature in bliss. I understand why; they're difficult to set up. There are some ways we could make this much easier. But for now, I wanted to demonstrate another example of using custom rules.

This week, assessing artist names and moving "The" to the end of the artist name.

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