Release 20180410

Cancel button

This is a maintenance release with few new features, but a lot of work to move bliss to more recent dependencies to allow future development.

bliss uses a number of different re-usable software components to deliver its functionality. The Web UI is written using Lift for example, and various parts of bliss are written using Scala.

VortexBox 2.2 support ending

Just under two years ago I blogged that we would stop making bliss updates available for the VortexBox 2.2 repositories. This meant we still built an up-to-date version for VortexBox 2.2, but it wasn't available in the "repos" for easy installation.

Now, we're going to have to stop building new versions for VortexBox 2.2 completely. The current released version will be the last one.

Release 20180326 - the cancel button makes a comeback!

Cancel button

This release re-introduces the cancel button into bliss. Ok, it wasn't always called the cancel button... it used to be "pause". But I thought the feature was similar to the cancel functionality of a web browser (i.e. "stop what you're doing!") hence the rename.

The lamentable state of disc title support

It's 2018 and yep! Disc title support is still poor.

What's a disc title? Well, admittedly it's a niche requirement. Disc titles are commonly used on box sets in releases with multiple media which require names for each media. Normally we just get away with "Disc 1" or "Disc B" but sometimes we want something a little more descriptive...

I went through a bunch of music players and found pretty poor support overall for the out-of-the-box experience. With a little configuration, the more powerful players can be made to work.

Release 20180313

Just a small maintenance release this week, honing the album-page tag editor.

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