This month in digital music libraries - June 2024

Newspaper New music players, Spotify’s devaluation of music, the Sonos app saga and AI (because everyone else is talking about it)…

Release 20240612

Lego heads This release includes an important fix for updating track names and numbers that were previously missing, making updates faster and more likely to be accurate. We’ve also fixed the link to our ideas forum!

This month in digital music libraries - May 2024

Newspaper In this month’s round-up: music ownership, the Sonos controllers drop local music support (and quickly re-instate it) and two new desktop DAP devices.

Release 20240501

Petal groups This release contains further improvements to the way bliss groups albums and better error reporting.

This month in digital music libraries - April 2024

Newspaper This month: thoughts on intentional listening, developments in music network infrastructure and Elton John forgets he ordered a tram.

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