Release 20190709

Running up stairs

This is another small maintenance release while work on a new Inbox is ongoing.

Release 20190625

Spilt ice cream

This release contains a fix for existing users and a couple of other improvements.

Release 20190611

Thumbnail of sequence of activity for one album

This release contains some significant refinements to the album list; we're trying to make the album overview list quicker to use and get stuff fixed, faster!

There are also a couple of bug fixes and improvements to how some album-level compliance assessments are displayed.

Release 20190528 - album activity

Thumbnail of sequence of activity for one album

This new release includes some more UX improvements - chiefly communicating activity and fixes made specifically for an album, plus a bunch of other bug fixes and other improvements.

Shanling album art

Shanling M0 nano-size portable hi fi player

This week, let's review album art support for Shanling. Shanling are another manufacturer of high-end portable music players, but this time with a difference.

Shanling makes a range of portable high-res players, amongst them the diminutive M0 music player. Broadly, all of Shanling's devices have reasonably-sized screens to make browsing your library easier.

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