Release 20200331

Stream After we found some fundamental issues with 20200311 we pulled it - this new release contains the original good stuff in 20200311, but with music file scanning fixed.

Music syncing with Nextcloud

Stream What’s difficult doesn’t get done. I’m often reminded of that when I realise I forgot to sync my phone with my latest music. Such is the plight of the self hoster.

So something I’ve been looking into recently is automated synchronisation of music libraries. Ideally I want a way that my phone, an SD card, and other locations get their data synchronised automatically. Here’s one way of doing this - using Nextcloud.

Release 20200311 - pulled!

I’ve decided to pull the last release, due to a significant issue found in the way we scan music files.

I’m working on a fix right now, but it’s taking a while, and I thought it best to go back to a more stable build than trying to rush something else out that was possibly half-baked!

Release 20200311

Stream There are some small improvements on the surface of this release, but underneath a revolution is taking place in the way bliss reads and flows information through its platform…

Pioneer CDJ album art

Pioneer CDJ-2000 If you have a computer-only setup for audio, you have it easy. It’s proprietary audio hardware where things get difficult. I’ve written a lot about in-car audio over the years; although they allow the import of computer music libraries, such players are typically behind-the-times and they impose quite strict rules so, for example, only certain artwork can be displayed.

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