This month in digital music libraries - September 2023

Newspaper More cloud related music fluffiness this month - improved cloud storage, Plex stopping access from some cloud providers and Google shutting down (yet another) product!

Release 20230927

Bike race This week’s release concludes work on indexing performance. Using a low powered Synology NAS as a guide we’ve reduced the file scan and index time for a 2,000 album library from 2h40m to around 40m. Quite an improvement!

This is the second and final performance release for now. We detailed our previous changes in the last release.

Release 20230905

Sprint We’ve started a new round of performance improvements in this release. These improvements stretch into the next release, too.

In addition we’ve added the ability to disable fingerprinting.

This month in digital music libraries - August 2023

Newspaper This month: Disney pulls physical DVD sales (in Oz), a look back on the current status of classical music streaming services, new software for scrobbling and media serving and the Internet Archive v Big Labels.

Release 20230817

Push button This release has an important fix for the execution of manually selected fixes. There are also improvements to the Windows app and the fix-all and fix-album features.

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