Clunky covers

There are a bunch of "bad album covers" blog posts out there. But over the past few years I've been collecting a list of album covers which aren't so much bad as clunky; inappropriate, misleading, frustrating or just plain annoying.

Progress on QNAP

It's been a long requested feature to have a native installer for QNAP NASes. bliss is ideal for installation on a NAS; its background daemon nature means you can instantly access it when you are listening to some music on the sofa and notice an album artwork error!

Release 20161005

This week's release contains a number of small improvements and bug fixes...

Tagging untagged DSFs

We've covered before the difference between the DSD formats: DSF and DFF. The short of it is: use DSF; it gives the same audio quality and adds metadata storage capability into the bargain.

Can we solve Porsche album art?

Over the past few months I've been looking at various in-car entertainment systems and how they display album art. This week it's the turn of Porsche's PCM system. But this post is a little different to previous ones; because it doesn't appear that a full understanding of the constraints of PCM's handling of album art has been discovered.

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