Release 20200117

Chat This is a bug-fix-and-small-UI-improvements kind-of release. There are some important fixes for users of the duplicate tracks rules, and as an experiment I’ve moved in-app chat into the main app.

Five discussions to make you reconsider how you listen to music

I’m definitely an album guy.

Over the years we all build up habits about how we listen to music: albums/singles, playlists/shuffle, genre hopping, back catalogues and year-by-year browsing.

But what if you get in a rut and that begins to impact the breadth of music you discover and enjoy? Could you be missing out?

Release 20191220 - a new setup page

Prepare Our first release of 2020! This release contains a new Setup page for first-time users, enhanced ways of leaving feedback or getting help, improvements to cover art and NAS integrations and a bunch of other fixes.

Release 20191210 - New Inbox beta

Busy! Over the past few months we’ve been working on a new display to show current issues in your music library and to allow all of these fixes to be fixed en masse. This new version includes the ability to enable this view, for existing customers (it’ll be opened to everyone later).

As ever, there are a bunch of other miscellaneous improvements…

Niche music streaming services

Couple listening to music I’ve noticed a more frequent occurrence in the past few months: the launch of niche music streaming services.

The accepted wisdom so far has been that music streaming services are less liable to niches because differentiation is more difficult. Video streaming averages at three services per viewer, while just one service appears to be enough for music streaming.

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