Cloud storage of your music is more powerful than you think

I sometimes wonder if there's a false dichotomy at play when music library storage is discussed. People are either streamers or storers. They either offload management of their library to their streaming service and rent it (and more) back, or they do all the work themselves, and pay a one-off cost instead.

I think a third way, a hybrid way, is beginning to develop. Both approaches have their advantages, so why not take advantage of them both?

Release 20180529

Stable stones

After the reason duplicate detection and removal releases, this release is more of a stabilisation build.

The main area of fixing is on the album detail page.

Release 20180516 - Duplicate removal

Duplicate removal

This new release builds on the previous duplicate detection release, and now includes the (manual) removal of duplicate files.

We've also added in a bunch of bug fixes!

Three conclusions from Munich High End 2018

I'm back from Munich.

It was the usual hectic visit: out on Wednesday night, straight to my hotel and bed (ok - just one Paulaner first), then up, exhibition, straight back to the airport and then home again.

Overall it was another worthwhile visit, ruined only when arriving back at my car, which had a flat tyre! Thank goodness for old fashioned replacement wheels on my trusty Mk4 Golf...

Munich High End 2018

Tomorrow I'll be boarding a plane for Europe's biggest hi-fi exhibition - Munich High End.

This will be my fourth year at the show. It's pretty impressive in scale, taking up multiple halls of the exhibition centre in Munich - the MOC.

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