Radio silence is about to be broken

A quiet dog

In case you were wondering why everything had gone quiet (there being no bliss releases for a few weeks): we're about to break cover with a new beta, with full release next week.

Windows Explorer tag editing - sometimes simple is best

Windows Explorer

Think of a tag editor and there are a bunch of common options. MP3Tag, Picard, Tag&Rename... but for Windows users there's a lesser known editor that comes for free: Windows Explorer!

Release 20180612 - Removing albums

Stable stones

This week's new release improves the way bliss copes with missing tracks and albums. There are also a bunch of fixes to how bliss scans files and some other smaller improvements.

Cloud storage of your music is more powerful than you think

I sometimes wonder if there's a false dichotomy at play when music library storage is discussed. People are either streamers or storers. They either offload management of their library to their streaming service and rent it (and more) back, or they do all the work themselves, and pay a one-off cost instead.

I think a third way, a hybrid way, is beginning to develop. Both approaches have their advantages, so why not take advantage of them both?

Release 20180529

Stable stones

After the reason duplicate detection and removal releases, this release is more of a stabilisation build.

The main area of fixing is on the album detail page.

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