Release 20230307 - Apple Silicon build

Apple M2 logo This release introduces the Apple Silicon build into our regular release stream. Before, we continued to release the legacy x86 version of bliss for macOS. From now on, and for every release, we’re also providing an Apple Silicon version which (our feedback suggests) gives an awesome speed up!

Release 20230131

Levers This release includes some fine-tuning for the new fix-all progress page and the removal of Google Analytics from the app.

This month in digital music libraries - January 2023

Newspaper Another new year for digital music! This month we cover DAP hardware news, ListenBrainz’s “Year in Music” event, and the long-awaited release of Windows versions for some popular Apple apps.

Release 20230117 - fix all progress

Fix-all progress This new build includes a big new improvement for the “fix-all” process. We’ve added a new, dedicated, page to communicate the progress-through and results-of batches of fixes executed via the Inbox. This is so we can show the problems encountered, if they occur, and how far through a big batch of changes you are.

We also completed our work on the cover art rule, when the missing artwork rule is disabled.

This month in digital music libraries - November 2022


A month to go before Christmas! But that doesn’t mean everyone’s downing tools in digital music land… This month, coverage on two major new product releases for self-hosting music lovers, and developments (mostly pricing) in the streaming world…

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