Case study: genre case differences.

Gnome Music Player Client showing split genres

Capitalisation seems to be at the root of a lot of music library management annoyances. I recently noticed how many genres in my own collection were affected by this.

The chief annoyance is that albums and tracks are split up by genre titles that only differ on the basis of capitalisation. For example, some albums appear under Hip-hop, and some under Hip-Hop, while you actually wanted both to be listed together.

Release 20181105 - Installer! (a licky boom-boom down)

Installed windows

Yeah, I couldn't get that song out of my head while working on the new Windows installer. I need to get out more...

This release contains a new installer for the Windows version of bliss. There are also a bunch of bug fixes and other improvements...

Running bliss via systemd

A few days ago I upgraded my home server to Ubuntu 18.04, largely because (1) it needed doing and (2) abcde is now a maintained package. I like abcde best out of all the command line rippers.

Once installed I wanted bliss to fix up missing metadata and fill in artwork. The home server is normally used as a test machine for bliss, and doesn't start on boot. I wanted bliss to run when the machine started, so I immediately looked for my old post about configuring Upstart. I was surprised to find out Upstart was no longer supported, and I would have to use systemd.

Release 20181011 - new settings page


At last, the new settings page has been promoted to be the default settings page. For this release there has been a few things to tune and tweak and now the page is ready for prime-time.

There's also some more useful improvements for performance and other areas!

Using MP3 rating tags

Assigning track ratings was one of the first big projects I embarked on when first building a computer music library in the late '90s. It's easy to see why for a geeky music collector: the ability to use the ratings to playlist "best of" tracks per artist or across a collection.... data heaven!

That worked well in, what I realise now was, my narrow use case. In particular I was the only "user" of my music library, and I only used one piece of software back then: Windows Media Player. Over time I realised my solution would not scale.

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