Come back! Changes to the ideas forum

The ideas forum has been around a long time; looking at my billing, it looks like the first time I paid for it was in the summer of 2011. There have been a few design tweaks but the basic way it works remained the same.

Using the ideas forum, you could apportion up to ten votes across the ideas with no more than three votes per idea. It felt like that was a good way of allowing people to communicate priority.

Then I would follow this basic approach to prioritising work on bliss:

Release 20171003

This week's release is a maintenance one, mainly aimed at honing the QNAP integration. In addition we've made sure bliss will always "trust" its metadata server.

Derived tags

The introduction of the tag accuracy rules have helped fix a lot of music libraries. But there are edge cases... (there are always edge cases)

Sometimes, having the canonical album name, for example, is not enough. I'll allow a recent poster to the support inbox describe:

Price changes

I'm going to be making some changes to bliss pricing in a few weeks, and I wanted blog readers and email list members to hear about it first, so you can decide what to do. You'll also potentially get to purchase an unlimited licence at the current price and "lock in" unlimited metadata access forever.

And yes, "changes" euphemistically means "rises".

To summarise: I'm going to raise the cost of unlimited fixes, insert a new 2500 fix option and lower the amount of fixes available to the lowest use, 500 fix plan. This change will occur on 10th October, 2017.

Release 20170914 - Official QNAP support

Another release, another integration... this week, QNAP NASes get 'blissed up'.

bliss has been customised to run on a number of devices; not just desktop or laptop computers. NAS devices are being increasingly used to store music (and lots of other things else!). QNAP is another one of the major NAS manufacturers, and following some pioneering work I've rolled the QNAP build into the full, official bliss build.

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