This month in digital music libraries - October 2021

Newspaper This month: things to consider for hi-fi beginners (in podcast form), music library obsessions, a new release for the QNAP NAS operating system and new developments in the Plex ecosystem.

Release 20210928

Dart board This release improves track name and position assessment, particularly suggested track names and avoiding false positives.

This month in digital music libraries - September 2021

Newspaper In this month’s edition: stats on streaming, security issues with Synology NASes and musicians winding-up software developers.

Release 20210903

Confused This release fixes a couple of problems around the new “ignore compliance” feature, and an issue in the file path rule. We also improved the reporting of errors when updating tags.

Apple album artwork is a trainwreck icon It’s almost two years since was launched on macOS devices and album artwork for self-stored music is still broken.

How can this be? We all know album art is important for people’s experience of their music.

But it turns out that this is a local-only, self-stored music problem. iCloud Music Library, when matched to your local music, isn’t affected; once it’s matched, Apple have their own artwork online.

I can’t help coming to the conclusion that self-stored music collections are not a profitable enough use case for Apple.

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