We Are Vinyl - a teardown

We Are Vinyl is a UK-based online vinyl record store run by Sony. They sell re-issues of existing releases. As well as selling vinyl records, each purchase comes with a free digital download.

I recently purchased Give Out But Don't Give Up: The Original Memphis Recordings, a re-issue of 1994's Give Out But Don't Give Up (the BBC screened a documentary about it which you can see if you're in the UK).

So this seemed like an ideal opportunity to assess the downloaded files provided by the We Are Vinyl store.

Release 20190313 - automatic tag accuracy


Another release, more automation!

We've added automation to the tag accuracy rules. We've also made the <tag field> file organisation token even more powerful, and fixed a bunch of other things.

Astell & Kern album art

Astell & Kern SP1000M Gold

Astell & Kern are an electronics company that manufacture a range of hi-fi equipment, but in recent times it has been its small portable hi-fi units that have garnered most attention.

These players combine hi-fi quality DACs with large displays to browse your music library; so while you get great sounding music, in theory you should be able to easily choose what music to play.

In theory...

Release 20190301

Automate... ALL THE THINGS!

This release includes the first tranche of rules automated using the new automation framework we've built into bliss. The maximum image data size rule (which shrinks artwork consuming too many of those precious bytes) and the capitalisation rule both get the automation treatment in this release.

Importantly, there's also a bunch of stability fixes and some added power to the <tag field> file organisation token.

Release 20190212

Automate... ALL THE THINGS!

This release completes the porting of all rules to the automation framework. From this point on, converting rules to be automated will be a lot easier.

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