Finding and moving corrupt FLACs in Windows

A few months ago I received the following email from Ron Lyster, a long time bliss user:

A couple months ago, while I was out of town, my music server suffered a crash. I found a program to recover the lost files, and had a backup set as well, but it seems that there are quite a few files that remain corrupted. Do you know of any products that can search for corrupt FLAC files and then delete or move them elsewhere?

Release - 20161122 - assess and save zero, one or more cover art files

This week's release contains a cool new feature I've wanted to implement for some time: assessing and storing zero or more cover art image files.

Since the bliss project started over seven years ago (!) it has always required a cover art filename to be stored in an album directory; co-located with the music files.

This new feature allows much more control. You can retain just one image file being managed as now. Or you can specify no image file or multiple ones. This means that if you don't need separate image files, you no longer need to save them and have them (potentially) clutter up your music folders.

Release - 20161108 - arbitrary file organisation tokens

This release marks the final "clean up" release before I begin on some fairly big, fairly numerous functionality improvements (more about which soon)...

But in addition to the bug fixes, there is one new feature: a new <tag_field> file organisation token. You can use this in custom file organisation patterns. For example, to organise by record label, you could use the tag_field token as so:

bliss on a NAS, versus bliss on a computer

As we've added more and more NAS, music server and embedded integrations I've begun to get more and more questions about where bliss should be run. Should it be run on your computer or on your NAS? As Paul Barrett asks:

An update to Sonos's album art rules

Down the years a lot of Sonos users discovered bliss when they needed to fix their cover art to show on their Sonos devices. Sonos always had limitations on the resolution and data size of album artwork they would show in the Sonos controller.

Let's call it the gateway drug.

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