Release - 20170220

As expected, last week's big release with some fundamental underlying changes did introduce a few issues. This release fixes all those found so far.

As well as bug fixes there are a few other improvements - I've begun separating different types of activity log, and adding more system-level problems to the log to make it more obvious when/if something has gone wrong. For example, problems with registering for file notifications.

Release - 20170209 - rescan for new and updated music files

This release has been a while in the making while I've re-written some underlying and fundamental bits of bliss. That's why there's little new, functionally, in this release.

But my philosophy is always to release often, so here's the latest release. There's one bonus new feature: rescan for new and updated music files!

Any help?

As I wrote in a previous blog post about work in progress, the next release of bliss is going to be structured differently; in use it will look almost exactly the same, but under the covers the workings are much changed.

That means I could really use some more in-depth testing help with the new build. The new beta is almost ready to go, so if you can help with testing it out - installing and giving it a test drive - I'd be really grateful.

Converting iTunes PNG album art to JPEG

Back in May 2011, Apple shipped an update to iTunes which both began enforcing the PNG format for manually provided artwork, and also changed the image format to PNG for music downloaded from the iTunes store.

You can still use all the common image formats to add artwork to iTunes. The issue is that when the artwork is embedded, iTunes converts it to PNG.

Radio silence

It's been a month since the last bliss release, so what's going on behind the scenes?

I've been re-writing some of the fundamental building blocks of bliss, to hopefully allow for more rapid iterations over the next year. And after that, there's some big new features upcoming!

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