Release 20171212

A maintenance release just in time for Christmas!

A few reported issues have been recurring in my inbox over the past month or so, so I thought that despite other time pressures I should release this update with some important fixes, most notably for new Synology NAS device owners.

A music library trilemma

For a while I've been building some notes to write about trilemmas in music libraries. A trilemma is a situation where you can choose two options from three, but never all three. Like many people I first learned of trilemmas in the classic project management choice: fast, good, cheap... pick two!

It's quite an interesting thought experiment to think up trilemmas in any one domain. Originally I was considering a trilemma for music file formats, but this proved difficult. I then started thinking more broadly about music library management, and how choices of storing music locally, or using a streaming service, mark us as implicitly choosing two options.

Maildump: Sonos music libraries

90% of the customer support for bliss is done via email. The downside of this is that the conversations tend to get locked away, so aside from a few times where I've posted about an interesting discussion many precious bits of information get lost. I often get to hear about strange quirks of hi-fi systems, streamers, software or associated hardware.

I realised it might be a good idea to perform what I'm calling a "maildump"; a look back on emails I've received with information I have not seen elsewhere.

The growth of home NAS; is a revolution in self stored music coming?

One of the quieter revolutions in home digital media appears to be the growth in consumer and home NAS.

According to recent research, the global consumer NAS market is increasing steadily; maybe not exponentially, but definite year on year increases in the recent past, with more forecast to come.

Release 20171031

Another maintenance release this week. I've fixed some bugs in file watching, support for Java 9 in the Windows launcher and some more stuff.

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