The ultimate guide to importing a music library to Roon

Roon logo Roon is a music player optimised to make browing your library enjoyable. It shows your music library at its best, linking your library together and furnishing it with additional metadata to deliver a truly immersive experience.

Roon made a big splash on its release in 2015, particularly amongst audiophiles. Since then the team behind Roon have persued a strategy of developing their software while integrating it with hi-fi devices. Roon has become a (pretty-much) default playback option in hi-fi.

Release 20220513

Jason from Friday 13th (8-bit style) Normally Friday the 13th isn’t the day I’d choose to cut and release a new build but it turns out the last build wouldn’t even start on Synology DSM 7 so here we are…

Release 20220503

Tightening up Another couple of bug fixes in this release, affecting the Windows app and the album detail page.

Release 20220419

A tiny present cat This is a very small release with just one bug fix - to keep our “cadence” we’re releasing it anyway!

This month in digital music libraries - April 2022

Newspaper In this month’s issue, musical hardware modding, metadata edge cases and a bunch of ‘TIL’s.

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