This month in digital music libraries - July 2022

Newspaper In this month’s edition: streaming growth, new music players and how music file management is changing in the latest Apple music app updates.

Release 20220705

Typeset This release includes improvements for the album art rule, the Inbox, more performance improvements and support for Java 16 and later on Linux.

Release 20220531

Typeset In this release: a few fixes for the tag accuracy and missing tag rules, specifically around ALBUM ARTIST and YEAR fields.

This month in digital music libraries - May 2022

Newspaper This month - a trip inside a songwriter’s mind, the death-of-the-iPod backlash and some interesting insights into how streaming’s playlist-oriented use is leading to some unexpected results.

The ultimate guide to importing a music library to Roon

Roon logo Roon is a music player optimised to make browing your library enjoyable. It shows your music library at its best, linking your library together and furnishing it with additional metadata to deliver a truly immersive experience.

Roon made a big splash on its release in 2015, particularly amongst audiophiles. Since then the team behind Roon have persued a strategy of developing their software while integrating it with hi-fi devices. Roon has become a (pretty-much) default playback option in hi-fi.

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