Release 20231128


In this release we’ve fixed a problem displaying albums when they begin with accented characters and the starts-with album filter is enabled.

Release 20231114


This release contains an important fix for the missing tag and tag accuracy rules.

Release 20231103


This release contains a bunch more refinements since the tag index changes. There’s also an important fix for making sure automated track level fixes (such as changes to track name or number) are… more automated.

Release 20231017

Logs (pun intended)

This is a small release with a tiny fix to make sure log generation works correctly.

This month in digital music libraries - October 2023

Newspaper This month’s round-up concentrates on music acquisition, as Bandcamp gets sold (again) and Spotify consider a new hi-res tier (maybe).

Meanwhile, Google and Sonos continue to slug it out, and a video documentary is made of the efforts to revive Murfie, post collapse.

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