Release - 20170321 - activity filtering, and listing fixes

I've taken a one-release break from work on correctness and completeness to focus on the activity page.

The ability to list all fixes made my bliss (i.e. everything that depletes your fix count) has been long requested. This release adds activity filtering, a way of filtering entries in the Activity page, including those activities that result in the consumption of a 'fix'.

Spring cleaning your music files

Spring is approaching (in the Northern Hemisphere), when it's traditionally a time to think about big clean-up and organizational endeavours. With digital music increasingly integrated into our lives, spring cleaning your music library can be a way of making your music library more searchable, navigable and generally beautiful than before.

So what are some projects you could pursue this spring?

Release - 20170307 - online release linking

My new focus is on generalising bliss's feature set to cover correctness and completeness of all metadata, not just cover art, genres and years.

The first step on this road is to push forward the concept of online release linking. That means the online release data that bliss has identified a given album in your library as being. Once such an album, or albums, are identified, metadata can be synchronised from the online record to your own files.

Setting up bliss authentication with a reverse proxy

bliss runs as a daemon style process, and its Web-based UI is accessible on both your own machine and also, potentially, others on your network. This is useful, because it means you can use bliss to edit metadata from, say, your tablet, if you are sitting on your sofa and notice a metadata problem.

If you set it up correctly, you can actually access your bliss installation from anywhere in the world. But as we open up more possibilities, we're also opening the potential for abuse. You don't want anyone to access and make changes to your music library. What you need is a way of people proving who they are; authentication.

Perfect Music Library Management for Internet Radio DJs

Music fans can be fierce, loyal and obsessive about their hard-won music collection. Back in the day, did you order your vinyl or CD collection A-to-Z by artist, album, genre or year of release? These were pretty much the only catalogue options available.

But with the advent of digital music, these basic choices have mushroomed into a huge selection of sorting options… providing your electronic library has accurate and complete metadata. We still have the names, years and genres pinned down, but we can also manage a raft of other contextual traits, including bitrate, abstract and length to name a few.

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