Release 20170717

This new release is predominantly a bug fixing, maintenance one. That's while I work on some scaling issues on our metadata server, and also take a couple of weeks off for a holiday!

One new patch of work I have started for this release is the "offical" Synology SPK. The SPK is now part of the build and will be automatically built with other versions, although it won't be published until fingerprinting and a few other items are fixed.

Re-ordering 'The' in artist names - a custom rule

Back to custom rules this week!

Custom rules are not a particularly well used feature in bliss. I understand why; they're difficult to set up. There are some ways we could make this much easier. But for now, I wanted to demonstrate another example of using custom rules.

This week, assessing artist names and moving "The" to the end of the artist name.

Release 20170620 - choose linked releases

This releases rounds off most of the remaining tag correction work. The important feature introduced in this build is a way of choosing the releases used to judge whether a field is correct or not.

We've also implemented some pretty major performance improvements, reducing the amount of I/O (specifically, how many times your music files are read). This should especially benefit use over network attached storage.

The great big, no-nonsense, mostly free audio converter matrix

When trying to solve a music file conundrum I've been presented with via email, I often need to produce an audio file of a specific format. That's because different audio file formats store data (both the audio and the internal metadata) in different ways, and those differences can produce different behaviours and problems.

Release - 20170607

As iterations on tag correction begin to come to an end, I'm implementing the final few pieces that allow me to consider this work 'done'. This week: support for discnumber completion and also broader metadata queries...

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