Find album art automatically with bliss

Find album art

bliss is an album art finder that is simple, fast and accurate. bliss finds and installs album art automatically. bliss is fully automated and can even add album art to your music in the background, as you add the music to your collection. bliss uses both reputable and expansive sources for its album art.

Automatic music manager

Automatic music manager

bliss works by applying rules to your music library. When you add an album to your library, bliss automatically assesses the album against your rules. If the album is non-compliant, bliss decides a fix to make sure the album obeys the rule, and optionally applies it automatically.

Runs on Synology, alongside Audio Station

Runs on Synology, alongside Audio Station

bliss runs on your Synology itself, as a background process. When music is added to your library, bliss sees this and applies its rules automatically to ensure your library remains consistent, complete and correct. Audio Station's album art and MP3 tags are automatically re-indexed by DSM.

How to install bliss on your Synology device

The Synology package is an .spk file, suitable for manual installation in Synology DSM Package Center. We'll also need to install Java.

First, download the .spk:

Now install Java. In DSM, open Package Center then click Developer Tools. You'll see the Java packages:

Find the Synology Java packages in Package Center

It's best to choose Java 8. Click Install. Once complete, we can install bliss.

In Package Center, click Settings and then ensure Trust Level is set to Any publisher:

Ensure 'Trust Level' is set to 'Any publisher'

Click OK; you'll return to Package Center. To install bliss, click Manual Install:

Providing the spk file.

Browse to the downloaded .spk file and click Next. After a delay to confirm and install, bliss will be installed:

bliss running as a Synology package

Run bliss, if it isn't already running, from the Action menu.

You can access bliss via the URL on the bliss package page. This will open a new tab to the bliss UI.

You'll be given an option to take a brief tour, or configure bliss yourself! Check out the tutorials for examples of how to use bliss.

Hint: your Synology music folder is normally located at /volume1/music so be sure to select that as your Music location.

If you leave your email address here, Dan will get in touch in a few days to find out how you got on, and see if he can help anymore.