Powerful tag editing

Edit tags with one click

Manual tag editing is easy. bliss has a powerful tag editor which works similarly to traditional tag editors. You can also change album-level tags with one-click. In addition, bliss's rules allow incomplete or inaccurate tags to be identified, and fixed with one click.

Find tags automatically

Automatic metadata lookup

bliss can find accurate musical information for your tags. bliss can find missing or inaccurate tags in your music library and then uses multiple sources of metadata to find replacement information or cover art. Incorporating the changes is a one-click confirmation!

Tag checking for consistency

Your automatic tag checker

By defining rules, bliss will check your tags, filenames and cover art so that, when music is added or changed, your music library remains consistent, complete and correct. It becomes easy to fix and normalise data pre-tagged in your music files to make sure all of your music library is well organized.

Automatic tag checking

Automation, automation, automation

Automation is handy, until it isn't. While bliss offers full automation for most of its rules, and automatic listening for file changes, you are also in full control. You can set any tag checking and fixing to be either manual or automatic.

Tag types

Tag type checking

It's not only the information in the tags that matters, sometimes it's the tag itself. Different tag schemes, such as ID3v1 or ID3v2, can make a difference with some music players. In some cases, some tag schemes support some metadata that others don't. Therefore, bliss allows you to check and change the ID3 versions in your MP3 files.

Works in the background

Works in the background

bliss can be installed on computers, or hosted on NAS devices and servers. It is designed to work unobtrusively and automatically, showing incomplete, inconsistent or inaccurate tags it has found. You can use it like a normal desktop app, or have it running all the time to handle incoming and changing music and to be accessible, online, from anywhere.

Runs on...

bliss is software that runs on many different platforms. Download today for Windows PC, Mac and more.

Windows 10

What else can bliss do for your music library?

It's not just tag editing... bliss is a full music library organizer.

Find missing cover art

Cover art perfection

Edit cover art easily. bliss allows you to change the artwork for any of your albums, and can also be set to look for albums with missing artwork. You can set bliss to constrain artwork to only be of a certain minimum and/or maximum size, or only be encoded in certain image formats. It's also your choice whether to embed artwork, and/or save as separate image files.

Fix file and folder names

Consistent file names

Tags aren't the only place you need to get your metadata right for a consistent, organized music library. bliss allows you to edit the file and folder path names for your music files. This can be done as a rule, so whenever you add music bliss will check the file paths, or it can be done for existing files. Renaming files can be done automatically, or with a one-click fix.

Duplicate finder

Find and remove duplicates

We recognise that, for music collectors, the integrity of your music library is very important. bliss can be set to look for duplicate music files. It uses acoustic fingerprinting technology to recognise which music is the same by looking at the audio itself. This avoids false positives common with other methods, like simply looking at tags or file sizes.

File format support

bliss supports multiple audio file formats

  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • MP4 (.m4a, .m4b, .m4p and .mp4)
  • WMA
  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • DSF
  • OGG
  • Real Audio (.ra, .ram)

How bliss works

This isn't your average tagger...

Rule based management

Define rules and constraints your music library must obey. bliss finds all music that breaks the rules, and offers fixes to make your music library more beautiful.

Automatic for the People

Almost all of the rules in bliss are automatable, saving you time with large music collections. Rules can also be manual, so you can check any changes before fixing.

Tireless but unobtrusive

bliss can work in the background in an always-on, daemon style. Install it on your home server or NAS drive and then configure rules so it scans new music you add to your library.

Online tagging

bliss is self-hosted software and has a Web interface. You can access bliss from anywhere, within your network or remotely.

Fair pricing

bliss comes with 100 free fixes to test. After that, you can purchase as many fixes as you need to fix your library, or "go unlimited". You also get a year's worth of software updates for free.

The three Cs

We believe in completeness, correctness and consistency. bliss fixes missing metadata and cover art, corrects tags and consolidates how tags are used throughout your library.

A simple, server-based tool for editing MP3 tags

We've organized our digital music collections for years with manual 'music taggers'. We select files, we multi-update, we've-tried-to-remember-the-genres-we-use and then we curse as we scroll through our playlists and find inconsistent artist names, years of release and split compilations.

bliss allows you to edit MP3 (and other music file formats) tags in the traditional way, but it also offers a new way: governing your music collection with rules.

As your digital music collection grows, the manual tagging approach becomes more error prone and requires more effort. bliss works the other way, by allowing you to specify rules by which your music collection is assessed and then automatically fixed. bliss has rules to automatically find cover art, consolidate genres, fix music file paths and more.

bliss can also be run on a music server or NAS. This makes tag editing very convenient; if you're listening to music in your living room and realise you want to change a tag, grab your tablet or smartphone, dial up the URL and edit away!

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