bliss assesses the consistency of your music

Consistency, consistency, consistency

Genres all over the place? Artwork of different sizes? bliss resolves inconsistencies in your music collection. You can ask bliss to fix inconsistencies automatically or confirm the fixes yourself.

bliss fixes the completeness of your music metadata

Metadata without gaps

Missing year or genre information for your music collection? bliss will look up this information and will, given your confirmation, insert the information into your music.

bliss is a server based music organiser

Server based

bliss was written from the ground up for installation on home servers. Install it on your server and access the bliss user interface from your browser. You can access bliss from wherever you are in the world using your Web browser.

Works in the background

No interruptions

bliss runs in the background. When it sees new music in your collection, it applies the rules you have defined, automatically.