bliss's auto tagging page showing candidate tags

Automatic scan for untagged files

When bliss sees a music file without tags, or with 'Unknown' tags, it fingerprints the audio. Simply point bliss at your root music folder, and it will pick up the untagged music files contained within.

Uses accurate online databases

bliss takes the audio fingerprint generated from the music file and submits it to online databases to see if there's a match. The chief online database used is MusicBrainz, a database of over three million releases maintained its diligent members.

Tag untagged files with one click

One click application

Once information has been found for your release, bliss presents it with a Tag button to apply all the information into your music files. The album then appears along with all of your other albums, ready to have its cover art installed and its genres consolidated!

You can also manually tweak the tags yourself before applying them.

bliss supports FLAC, DSF, WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP4 and more

Multiple file format support

bliss supports automatic file tagging in all of its supported file formats: MP3, FLAC, DSF, WAV, AIFF, MP4 (.mp4, .m4a, .m4p and .m4b) (including Apple Lossless), WMA, OGG, and RealAudio.