Emergency release 20130408

This emergency release fixes connectivity problems with bliss's online data source. Since Sunday our hosted MusicBrainz server has been inaccessible to bliss. This means metadata (except for cover art) lookup has been greatly impaired, as well as the functioning of the genre consolidation and canonical artist rules.

So the most important fix in this release is that those connectivity problems are solved.

But there's more! The default file organisation rule for VortexBox has been changed to be the same as the default VortexBox file pattern rule that is used by the VortexBox ripper when ripping CDs in the first place.

I've made some changes to memory allocation. bliss on Windows and VortexBox now defaults to being limited to 256MB internal memory (bliss will actually use 50MB or so more than that). On Linux versions the default stays at 128MB but there's now a variable that can be set, BLISS_MAX_HEAP which you can use to set the allocated memory... e.g.:

export BLISS_MAX_HEAP=512m

I also fixed a couple of issues with scrolling through the albums and artists grid. When the albums- per-page was changed, the scroller didn't reflect this change and if you clicked left or right the next page would show the previous number of albums. That's fixed. Also there was a bug preventing all of the albums for an artist being scrolled through under certain circumstances. Again, that's fixed.

I suggest existing users first perform a cleanup of existing code and then download the latest installer and install it manually, replacing the current installation.

Your existing fixes will be retained!

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