Release 20240416

Filing records This release contains a new, improved <group> token, improvements to bliss’s handling of ID3v2.2 tags and bliss’s Untagged page.

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The <group> token - support for <tag field>

The <group> token is part of the file organisation rule. Used in a file organisation pattern, it creates a folder using a defined number of start characters of the specified field, and then groups child folders under that. For example:

<group:artist name, 1>

… might create the A and B folders in a structure like this (only one character is used, as defined in the pattern):

├─ Adele
└─ Arctic Monkeys
├─ Belle and Sebastian
└─ Blur

Before, <group> only handled certain pre-defined fields. We’ve now combined this with <tag field> to allow any field to be used. So now you can write something like:

<group:tag field:artistsort, 1>

… which would use the ARTISTSORT field from your music files for the grouping.

Other improvements

Some other, smaller fixes:

  • For ID3v2.2 tags, use the correct DISCNUMBER field ID when removing said fields.
  • On the untagged page, use the space better for the folder path and allow the folder path to be shown fully when clicked.

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

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