Release 20151013

This release of bliss consists of mainly stability improvements and bug fixes, although we did find the time to include a new feature: disc numbers in the Untagged page!

The Untagged page finds tags for albums which are missing their important identification tags; album name, album artist, track numbers and names. This worked fine, but for multi disc albums there was a problem; if the disc number for the tracks was not populated, music players would not be able to distinguish the different tracks in the album.

This might mean a music player plays all track 1s first, then track 2s and so on. By populating the DISCNUMBER as well this means the tracks can be properly distinguished. It also allows for a better file organisation structure.

The disc number column only appears for releases where either (a) the release has been found and it is one disc from a multi disc set or (b) the release information has not been found. If the release information was not found, and you tag the album yourself, you can leave the disc number column empty if you wish.

In addition, for the Untagged page, we also made the tagging process a little more efficient so that only tag values that have actually been set are tagged. This also allows files to be tagged without a track number.

More stuff...

  • Allow for "Mc" in case rules, and also camel case album names.
  • When changing the case of track artists, don't overwrite with the track name(!)
  • Force filename encoding on OS X to UTF-8.
  • Don't show albums starting with "." under all non-compliant filters on the albums page.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

If you are updating from a version older than 20141027, in app update is not recommended for this release, because of a fixed Java 8 incompatibility which is only resolved with a full re-installation.

Thanks to Katie@! for the image above.
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