This month in digital music libraries - September 2023

Newspaper More cloud related music fluffiness this month - improved cloud storage, Plex stopping access from some cloud providers and Google shutting down (yet another) product!

Cloud storage gets flexible

I’ve noticed over time that more and more people are reading the series on cloud music storage. One of the salient points there is that it’s not just about storage cost, it’s about data transfer cost. This move by Backblaze is important because egress (transfer out) costs are slashed, which means it’s easier to actually do stuff with your online music collection, other than just back it up.

Plex in the news

Plex, the posterboy for media self hosting, is having a noisy month.

On the upside, audiophile companies appear to be embracing the Plex platform for casting around the home. This is a function previously dominated by Roon.

But on the downside, this has angered a number of users who value the flexibility the platform offers…

Plex is going to block servers on certain hosting providers?
byu/Illustrious_Pack_305 inselfhosted

More discussion about this on the Self-Hosted podcast:

Google shuts down Google Podcasts

Google are indulging in their favourite pastime… binning products!

More next month!

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