This month in digital music libraries - April 2024

Newspaper This month: thoughts on intentional listening, developments in music network infrastructure and Elton John forgets he ordered a tram.

Intentional listening

There remains a core of music lovers who can perceive the effect that rented and “pushed” music catalogues have on us.

So what are some ways of building new musical experiences, even making them physical?

Music networks, home and abroad

Logitech Music Server (nee ‘Squeezeserver’), still a stalwart of many home music networks, is to rename (again).

But what about remote access? You could accomplish this with a server at a provider like Hetzner:

The music journalism self-introspection continues

We’re going through a trough in music journalism as retrenchment caused by broader economic forces grows; the question is: when things level off, what is left and how does music critique get distributed?

That escalated quickly…

A standard morning for Elton…

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