This month in digital music libraries - May 2024

Newspaper In this month’s round-up: music ownership, the Sonos controllers drop local music support (and quickly re-instate it) and two new desktop DAP devices.

Music ownership

Artists are beginning to recognise that some of their fans want to collect music and curate their library.

… what is being rejected is this ephemeral link to the art we love.

Sonos launches new app. People ain’t happy

Over the past month Sonos released a major update of its controller app, through which you can control Sonos speakers by choosing music to play. Historically, this has allowed you to combine local, owned music with streaming services.

Well, surprise! Sonos docked local music support. The reaction was pretty furious, even to the extent that Twitter/X felt they needed to add context to Sonos’s post:

After that, it became clear that Sonos had better do something about it…

The problem here is that Sonos built up a customer base of people that wanted to play music locally. Sure - many would have moved onto streaming, but that’s possibly only in addition to the ways they prefer to listen to music already.

Desktop DAP

Two more streamers-with-touchscreens landing this month. First, Volumio’s:

Audiophile darling WiiM also released their device:

More next month!

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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