Release 20230606

New! We’ve improved compliance messages and also fixed some bugs around “stale fixes” in this release.

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Simpler compliance messages

Some aspects of compliance, for example track names or numbers, are repeated multiple times for each album and each have their individual compliance assessment. For example, track three of an album may be correctly titled, while track nine is incorrect.

The compliance message for this on the album overview would be a little confused before; combining the compliant and non-compliant assessments:

Old confusing compliance message showing titles were both accurate and inaccurate.

In a constrained view like this, we aim to provide only the pertinent information you need to decide what your next steps are; thus, we decided to remove the information about accurate tags, and only show Inaccurate track name. This makes the entry easier to read. You can easily see that other titles are compliant in the album page.

“Stale fixes”

In various places in bliss it’s possible to see a list of fixes and click each one. Typically, after a fix is executed, potentially changing something in an album, the album is then re-assessed, which creates new fixes.

For example, an album may be marked as having a non-compliant file path and a missing GENRE field.

If the first fix is executed, changing the file paths, the second fix to update the GENRE field may fail, because bliss’s old record of the file paths is now obsolete.

To fix this, we’ve changed how this works so that bliss makes an attempt to always execute the latest version of a given fix. In the example, the GENRE will still be missing, so when assessment runs after the file paths have changed a new GENRE fix is generated, and even if the old fix is executed, bliss finds the latest fix and executes that instead.

Other improvements

We’ve also added a fix that meant the albums list couldn’t be navigated when the “starts with” filter was being used.

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

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