Release 20230425

New back and forward buttons The past couple of releases have contained work on the Windows app; this release concludes that work. We’ve also made some fixes to the cover art rule, the QNAP app and a few more bits!

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Back/forward buttons for the Windows app

The bliss Windows app is built using a technology called Electron. This provides a way of starting the standard bliss program and showing the standard Web UI in a pop-up app.

However, this means other features common in a browser, like the back and forward button, are missing. This release adds those buttons to make navigation easier.

Full size Windows app screenshot

Further improvements

  • Allow compliant alternative art to be fetched when just the min size rule is enabled; not the missing art rule.
  • Show file path fixes in the Inbox and the fix-album dialog correctly.
  • Fix QNAP installs due to QNAP’s outdated root certificates.
  • If bliss is restarted immediately prior to rules being changed and a new scan, ensure old lookup results are flushed.
  • When unlinking all releases ensure that is remembered for the next rescan.

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

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