Release 20201118


This release contains an important user experience improvement to how manual fixes are executed, plus some smaller bug fixes.

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An important change in behaviour in this release: automatic remediation is no longer performed when an individual manual fix is clicked in the UI.

Before, there could be quite confusing behaviour where an automatic fix kicked in after the some other fix is clicked. Sometimes this is useful, but sometimes not. For example, if a new artwork was uploaded that was too small for the minimum resolution rule, configured as automatic, it would be automatically replaced.

We decided that the cost of potential confusion was not worth the few times this was useful; after all, your rules will still assess the music that has been chaned by the manual fix and will offer a one-click fix. In the example above, the minimum resolution rule would offer a shrink button.

So now automatic remediation is never done as a result of an individual manual fix being executed. “Fix all” and “Fix album” are unaffected, as is a full library rescan (the type you get when you click Refresh or change settings and click Apply rules).

There’s more…

We’ve made some more improvements:

  • Handle non-Latin characters in upper/lower case rules.
  • Expose image corruption errors.
  • When switching to listening mode, enable the file watcher.
  • Don’t re-initialise music libraries when the library folders haven’t changed.
  • Fix the show more button.
  • The show more overlay should pass down button presses to the buttons below.
  • Don’t clear the tag index on every rescan.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

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