Musical introversion, comedic extroversion

I've noticed something about myself in the past few years. It came from considering why I find, in the most part, musical "comedy" unfunny.

Whenever I listen to (most) "comedy" music I find it a bit... eye rolling. It almost always sounds like it is trying too hard. I simply don't find it to my taste.

I think the root of it is that I consider my enjoyment of music and enjoyment of comedy to be situated in very different contexts.

For me, comedy is made to be enjoyed with others. Laughing out loud feels like an inherently communal experience, and visiting live comedy or stand-up only amplifies the experience. Comedy is extroverted.

On the other hand, I only look internally when I listen to music. I listen to music to contemplate the artist's perspective, my own situation and feelings. Listening to recorded music has always been most important to me, rather than "experiencing" live music. Music is introverted.

Another manifestation of this is the fact I really detest listening to music with people, where the music is chosen by me and 100% of the group's focus is on that music. I have grown wary of "what do you want to listen to" type questions when at a party; I seem to have some deep psychological fear of others judging my taste. Maybe that's extroverted in a way; there's an implication there that I am seeking validation from others.

It's not black and white. There is some musical comedy I enjoy. And there are times I enjoy music in a communal atmosphere; the experience of a club full of heaving, sweaty dancers is something I think everyone should experience. But I don't see it as first-and-foremost a musical experience; more, an experience where music is central but not everything.

But I think the root reason of why I struggle with musical comedy is because it's an uneasy blend: an entertainment form which on the one hand is meant to be enjoyed with others, but also contains an element that should be contemplated internally. It's almost confusing.

Anyone have any suggestions to fix my aversion?

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