Release 20140813

This new build contains a lot of fine tuning: performance improvements, bug fixes, and adoption of the new 500 fix licence.

A major change is the adoption of the 500 fix licence. From now on, the 1000 fix licence will be replaced with the 500 fix licence on the Buy fixes page. Existing 1000 fix licences continue to work as before and are still "worth" 1000 fixes.

Performance has been improved by minimising the number of times bliss reads data from music files. Before, bliss would cache data it had read, but there were still improvements to make in the number of times bliss would read from disk. This hopefully especially benefits network mounted libraries.

When changing music folders we've made some improvements; results of scans from previous libraries are remembered when you switch back to them, saving time.

The track number format rule has been improved to enforce minimum length, not exact length. For example, before, track number 100 would be ruled as non-compliant in a two digits setting because it has three digits. This is now allowed, and the padding only used to achieve the minimum length.

More improvements

Here are some more minor tweaks:

  • A fix to how artist names are assigned to albums.
  • Fixed the layout of the fixes and update pages.
  • The untagged page clears properly when changing library.
  • The tag type rules' responses are now grouped.
  • The file organisation rule, the music folder and the cover art filename rule are now removable from the settings.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

The in-app updater can be used by existing users. You can also download the latest installer and install it "over the top", replacing the current installation. Fixes licences, already purchased, will be retained!

Thanks to jurvetson for the image above.
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