Release 20140122 - fixes for Mavericks

In the weeks leading up to Christmas I, prompted by some reports by users, discovered bliss was not playing nice with Mavericks. Not only were there some security issues related to app signing but also bliss was being slowed by App Nap.

This new release contains fixes for both issues.

The bliss application is now signed for Mavericks, so no further security errors should be displayed.

The effect of App Nap has been negated by declaring bliss as an OS X agent. App Nap does not work on agents. This is arguably something that should've been done before anyway; it better describes how bliss works so OS X can tailor itself accordingly. This also no means, for example, the extraneous Dock icon shown when bliss starts is no longer visible.

There's also some work toward supporting multiple music libraries in this release, although it's not exposed in the UI. Keep your eyes on the idea linked above for updates on this one, but it's looking likely to be completed for the next release!

Other stuff

  • There's a clearer way of providing an existing licence rather than using the Buy with Paypal tab. See Re-enter an existing fixes code on the fixes page.
  • Windows services work again (whoops)
  • A few small UI alignment fixes
  • When one type (either embedded or a file) of artwork is missing and the other type is non-compliant, don't auto-install from the Web

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

The in-app updater can be used by existing users. You can also download the latest installer and install it "over the top", replacing the current installation. Fixes licences, already purchased, will be retained! Special note for Mavericks users: The "App Nap" bug will not be fixed with an in-app update, you must download the latest DMG from the downloads page and install/run from there.

Thanks to Lay Back in the Sun for the image above.
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