Release 20120501 - enforce singular embedded artwork

Enforce singular embedded artwork setting

This release contains a number of bug fixes and small improvements, and also the added functionality of a new 'enforce singular embedded artwork' rule.

The new rule assesses all music files with embedded art and checks that each one has at most one piece of artwork. If there is more than one piece, a fix is suggested to remove all but the current first piece of art. The rule can be enabled by expanding more cover art rule settings, and clicking the checkbox for Enforce singular embedded art.

Cover art rule settings with 'more' expanded

But that's certainly not all... there are a number of further improvements in this release...

Cover art improvements

First, a few improvements to the cover art compliance messages. Missing art now communicates where the art was missing from (separate file or embedded artwork) and where art is mis-sized the location of the art is also shown. Further, when alternatives for the mis-sized art were originally displayed in the album overview they would be shown at full size; these alternatives are now shown at a constrained size so they fit in with the rest of the page layout.

The entries in the Inbox have been made easier to read, and once fixes are clicked in the Inbox, a bug preventing re-evaluation of fixed albums has been fixed.

Tag editor

A few UI improvements here. First, the tag editor doesn't scroll back to the top of the tag list when a tag is edited (this appeared to occur when bliss was still re-scanning albums). Further, the column list has been separated into 'common' and 'all' columns to make selection of common tags easier.

Other improvements

A few more fixes and improvements:

  • Apple OS X 'resource fork' files (e.g. ._Track1.mp3) are now ignored
  • When a fix is clicked for an album, the album goes into an in-progress 'pending' state
  • The progress monitor ('Scanned n of m albums') now doesn't disappear when you open multiple tabs
  • For Untagged suggestions, make enough space for very long release titles so that the show tags link and Tag files button can be seen

Download the new release from the downloads page. Your existing fixes apply!

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