Release 20120201 - auto tagging untagged files

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It's been the top rated idea on the bliss feedback forum for a while and now it's released: introducing auto tagging for untagged files!

This is the first of a series of releases to automatically tag your untagged music files. Music files without tags are routed to an acoustic fingerprinter called Chromaprint which identifies music on the MusicBrainz online database. bliss then shows the matched files and releases. Here's a sample of the new untagged page:

Screenshot of full autotagging window

The untagged files you own may match to multiple releases. bliss (currently) shows all of these releases in this list format. Scroll through the different suggestions for each folder, clicking show tags to inspect how the files will be tagged.

Screenshot of tag detail for each file

When you are happy, click Tag files to apply the tags into the files.

I stated above: this is the first of a series of releases. This means there's more to come in this area. I am making the tag table editable, so you can override tag values. I am collapsing the rows into one row per folder so that you are not confronted with a large number of rows for the same folder. I'll also put extra work into making sure the default (top) suggestion for each folder is the one with the most matched files.

Other suggestions are gratefully received, please post them in the ideas forum!

Any other stuff?

One other minor item: a bug in the UI where, for fixing file paths, multiple 'fix file path' buttons would be presented is now fixed so there is just one button. Sorry about that.

The new release can be downloaded from the downloads page. Your existing fixes will apply!

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