This month in digital music libraries - March 2024

Newspaper This month we’re considering sociological explanations of music streaming, exploring musical artists, reviewing new musical NAS hardware and reading a couple of excellent music articles.

Sociological considerations of music streaming

A sociologist’s take on how streaming has affected how we experience music in a social context:

Musical discovery

A new website by MusicBrainz to discover similar artists:

And then you can follow their work!:

Musical NAS

Audiophile grade manufacturers continue to release new gear aimed at people who want to store their own music library. Expect to pay a premium for this though!

Lumin’s announcement was followed by a new, cheaper, version of the Roon Nucleus devices:

Pick of the musical articles

First, some musical-data-porn…

I really love how this article is written - really immersive (in a good way):

… and finally

You might glance at the image below and chuckle “yeah, right, music on a floppy disk”… well, it ain’t (quite) April 1st.

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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