Release 20230412

Windows on a building This release contains improvements to the Windows app - enabling copy/paste, disabling zooming and providing more diagnostic information in the event of a problem.

We also fixed a bug on the albums list, where albums would be repeated if the starts-with filter was used.

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Improvements to the Windows app

The Windows build of bliss is treated a little differently to the others; as well as the “standard” bliss daemon we ship a desktop app. This makes things a bit more familiar to Windows users; the app “pops up” in its own window and appears on the task bar.

This new release improves a few things in the Windows app.

The first was that we were getting feedback that copy/paste within the app was impossible. This was mainly an issue when copy/pasting URLs to use to install artwork into albums. When a manual Google search is made by the user, the resulting URLs of images couldn’t be copied and pasted.

We’ve fixed that, so that external URLs open in the system browser; image URLs can be copied and pasted into the Windows app using the appropriate keyboard shortcut.

We also disabled zooming in the app. This was only possible via a keyboard shortcut, but if you accidentally invoked that then it would be difficult to undo. We’ve stopped any possibility of this happening now.

Finally, to help with diagnosing startup problems, we’ve included a path to the app log file and the latest logs in the popup when bliss fails to start.

More improvements

  • We’ve also fixed a bug when albums would be repeated in the starts-with filter.

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

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