Release 20220531

Typeset In this release: a few fixes for the tag accuracy and missing tag rules, specifically around ALBUM ARTIST and YEAR fields.

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This build contains a fix for the auto completion of ALBUM ARTIST feature.

We were using track ARTISTs to provide hints for what the ALBUM ARTIST should be. However, we inadvertently enabled this for the tag accuracy rule. This had the effect of, in most cases, always agreeing with the current calculated ALBUM ARTIST, making for a ‘false positive’. This meant generally inaccurate ALBUM ARTISTs would be ignored even if divergent data was found online.

In this release we’ve disabled that so it is only utilised for missing ALBUM ARTISTs.

In the same general area, we noticed an oversight during a recent refactoring for performance. When correcting YEAR values we strip new incoming data of the full month and day information to just provide the… year. However, with missing YEAR values we weren’t doing the same thing. That’s now fixed.

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