Release 20211207 - missing album artists

Last piece of the jigsaw This release includes a long-requested feature to populate ALBUM ARTIST from existing tags. Plus: fixes to the way we query for information about multi-disc releases and an optimisation for audio fingerprinting.

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Filling in missing ALBUM ARTISTs

One of our top featured ideas for some time has been the ability to automatically populate ALBUM ARTIST fields from existing [track] ARTIST fields, when the latter are consistent.

There are two commonly populated artist fields in a music file. ARTIST refers to the track artist for this track, i.e. it identifies the artist featured in this track. ALBUM ARTIST identifies the artist for the surrounding release/album/single/EP/compilation as a whole. For example, Annie Lennox may be identified as an ARTIST on a Now! compilation, but the ALBUM ARTIST would be more like Various Artists (or however else you want to identify the concept of a various-artists compilation).

This new feature allows ALBUM ARTIST to be populated, either using online information about the surrounding release, or from the existing tags. A new extra checkbox has been added to the settings screen to allow ALBUM ARTIST to be assessed:

Find missing album artist checkbox

This new feature then fits into the same framework as everything else; bliss will scan each album, look for missing ALBUM ARTISTs and make suggestions where there are missing fields. It can be automated as required, or bulk fixed in the Inbox.

Other improvements

There’s more…

  • When querying for metadata, don’t default to 1 the disc number for second or subsequent discs when the first disc on a release is numbered.
  • Don’t repeatedly check the OS version on Linux when audio fingerprinting. Do it once, and cache the result.

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

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