This month in digital music libraries - April 2022

Newspaper In this month’s issue, musical hardware modding, metadata edge cases and a bunch of ‘TIL’s.

Hardware modding

Hardware modding (creating new systems using flexible automation hardware and software) is all the rage, and in a world of blogs and social media it’s easy to publicise your project.

There’s been an increasing stream of activity in the iPod modding community. What’s interesting about this, I think, is not the device specifically, nor the mods, but the fact that some are striving for specific hardware for music playback. It’s a theme we’ve seen elsewhere.

I also noticed the Microsoft Zune community are alive, well and very healthy!

Meanwhile, how about a smart speaker that just works inside your house, and reacts to physical gestures rather than voice…

Streaming inevitably leads to lower quality content

A bit click-baity, but in any given market then if one metric is incentivised (“listens”) it’s inevitable that metric will be gamed for profit.

Musical metadata anomolies

Anyone that’s worked with music metadata knows these!

Today I learned…

Two interesting ‘TIL’s this month.

Good job “storage is cheap” right?

At least the above is rectifiable. Meanwhile…

And on a completely separate subject, Wikipedia has a specific page for “Honorific artist titles in music”. It turns out the Internet is beautiful.

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