This month in digital music libraries - January 2022

Newspaper The first month of 2022 has seen lots of discussion about streaming services and in whose interests their design is optimised; are playlists a good thing? Will they retain support for “owned” music libraries?

Also, histories of music library databases and some new tools for listening and ripping.

New incoming for macOS Monterey

Let’s hope the music library bugs are fixed.

Streaming and indeliberate consumption

One of the key tenets of the development of music streaming has been the supremacy of the playlist. But does this focus benefit the listener or the supplier? There are a number of advantages to playlists for streaming companies, not least the encouragement of indeliberate consumption which delivers longer “engagement”.

But if you don’t just let the playlist firehose spray you with music, how do you make more deliberate choices? Our household can’t be the only one where choosing a film on Netflix takes about as long as watching the damn thing.

Meanwhile, Apple Music’s support for self-stored libraries continues to suffer from neglect:

Following on from that, I often mention new music players via social media. One such player I noticed this month builds on the streaming / indeliberate consumption position; a music player that focuses on the very anti-playlist activity of full-album listening:

Online music databases

Online music databases have been around a while, so a couple of histories written by the Free Software Foundation were fun to read this month.

Automating your ripping workflow

What about a tool that not only automates your audio CD ripping, but also your video?

Google gets found out; Google makes customers pay instead

“Don’t be evil”

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