Release 20220118

Jukebox In this release: improved OneMusicAPI queries for albums with missing track numbers and a number of other small improvements.

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OneMusicAPI query improvements

We made a few improvements in this release which should improve lookups for metadata and cover art, in some cases.

The first one was that, before, we didn’t send “tag” based queries (queries using the current tags and track durations as a hint to the correct information) when a track had a missing track number. We did, and do, for audio fingerprints, but fingerprints do not cover 100% of the OneMusicAPI database so there was still a possibility of missing a candidate release.

We now send track data for tracks without track numbers. A nice side effect of this is that it also improves the the likelihood of bliss finding a suggested track number if the “Missing information” rule is enabled.

In addition to the above, we now also treat ID3v1.1 tags differently to ID3v1 (.0) tags. We weren’t retrieving the track numbers before; we do now, and can use those in OneMusicAPI searches to improve results for ID3v1.1-only albums.

M1 version

As an aside, we completed a proof-of-concept to build bliss for Apple M1 chips during this release cycle.

If you want this put into the main build process so we get an Apple Silicon version with every release, let us know!

Other improvements

There’s more…

  • Avoided overly aggressive grouping of compilation albums with the same title.
  • When ignoring albums, handle albums with quote marks in the title.
  • When adding ID3v1 or ID3v2 tags, update the cache of the tag.
  • On Windows, still scan folders which start with a period “.”.
  • Extra error reporting on Synology.
  • The tracks list compliance panel should remove its non-compliant badge when all matters are fixed.
  • Don’t scan the “Home Videos” section of iTunes.

Downloading and installing

You can download by clicking the button above, or from the downloads page.

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