Release 20210719 - ignore compliance, and a Synology repository

Ignore This release adds our top voted feature: the ability to ignore aspects of the compliance for individual albums.

Also, with the release of DSM 7 for Synology NAS devices, we’ve created a Synology package repository to make it easier to install and keep up to date with fresh bliss releases.

Plus there are a bunch of other improvements, including some performance ones!

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Ignoring compliance

The ability to ignore compliance has been long requested. What does this mean and why would you want to ignore compliance?

bliss allows you to specify rules which are used to assess your music library. If a rule passes, an album is compliant. If it fails, it’s non-compliant.

In an ideal world, all of your music should be compliant. In the real world there are reasons why it might not be. There might just not be cover art online for a particular album, for example. You don’t want to remove the cover art rule because you need it for other albums, but you also don’t want to have albums marked non-compliant which you know you can’t fix.

Ignore compliance fixes that.

Ignore compliance is a new part of the album page. Each album page has a Compliance panel, listing all assessments for each rule:

The compliance panel on the album detail page

The Ignore button disables that rule for this particular album. Click Rescan to rescan the album after ignoring a rule, and this rule will no longer contribute to an album’s compliance.

We’d love to know your feedback on this new feature!

A Synology package repository

The release of DSM 7 has meant a bit of work in updating the bliss Synology package. After the basics of DSM 7 support were completed (and we fixed a bug caused by a post-release candidate change) we realised we’d have to update our download pages to offer both Synology versions, because the versions for DSM 7 and pre-DSM 7 are incompatible.

Rather than adding a second download link, we decided to take the time to create a proper Synology package repository, at last. This means, instead of installing “Manually” in Package Center, you can add the package repository and install from within the Package Center app.

We’ve updated the Synology installation instructions to take this into account. Users who are already using the SPK should migrate to using the package repository instead - DSM should be “clever” enough to recognise when the version number has updated, and offer the download.

Other improvements

We’ve also made some other improvements, mostly around performance.

  • Optimise the amount of memory consumed when processing artwork - avoiding duplication of the same artworks.
  • Capture all errors when assessing albums and report them.
  • Improve the Electron app startup on Windows to cope with potential very slow starts.

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page.

After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

Photo by Johannes Krupinski on Unsplash

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