This month in digital music libraries - August 2021

Newspaper In August’s edition… mergers and acquisitions, YouTube Music messes up again, and a new self-hosting podcast!

Astiga acquired by… us!

bliss has always been about management of self-hosted and self-stored music collections. But what if the music collection is in the cloud? We had the opportunity to purchase the Astiga service and jumped at the chance; it provides a way for us to combine the best of both worlds.

Streaming and the music library

Ignore the title of this article… it has something of a keyword-optimisation tinge to it… but this is an interesting article about the history of how we build music libraries and interact with them.

YouTube Music exports compromised again

There have been a number of issues reported about YouTube Music “Takeout” exports. This was a new one: music files being exported with .vid file extensions, rather than their original extensions.

Fortunately it turned out the music files themselves weren’t damaged.

It does, though, question why we have to have these convoluted export approaches, when, if we had control over the cloud storage, we could simply manage that ourselves? That’s how Astiga works, which is an alternative to YouTube Music.

Another self-hosting podcast

Everyone seems to have a podcast these days, and now Unraid are in-on-the-act. This one is skewed to their own ecosystem of course, but there’s plenty to learn about and integrations with various technologies that might be of interest.

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