Release 20160406 - DSF tagging and album art

Over the past few months we've slowly been improving our support for audiophile file formats, to make bliss a more useful tool for audiophiles. Following the release of WAV and AIFF support, back in November, I'm pleased to announce DSF support in this new and subsequent builds!

These improvements have come from new work on JAudioTagger - the tagging library that bliss uses. As with WAV and AIFF support the support is "total" meaning anything you can do on an MP3, say, in bliss, you can also do to a DSF file.

This means bliss is now a DSF tag editor. It can add album art, fix file paths, consolidate genres, it's all there!

Bug fixes

This build also contains a bunch of bug fixes.

  • WAV scanning has been made much faster for certain WAV files.
  • Parse track numbers in the format 2/0 (meaning "track 2").
  • Fixed year lookup in files with year AND date, and fixed year only lookup in ID3v2.3 files.
  • Simplified new file notification code.
  • Made file scanning much faster on Windows Vista and newer using CIFS (Samba) to a NAS
  • Make sure old directories are not watched anymore when changing music folder
  • The VortexBox v2.4 build is now based on systemd rather than init.d
  • Don't try to set ALBUM_ARTIST on ID3v1 only files.
  • Make arguments overridable from wrapping scripts

Downloading and installing

You can download from the downloads page. After you click through, installation instructions are available on the page following download.

If you are using Windows and you don't know whether your version of Java is version 7 or later, in app update is not recommended when updating from version 20151013 or earlier, because bliss now requires Java 7 or later. The Windows installer now bundles Java 8, and so download of the full installer is recommended.

Thanks to Bygone for the image above.
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