An update for the Synology package

Great news: the bliss add-in for Synology has been updated!

Since its first launch, three years ago, bliss's add-in for Synology has been the most successful of our NAS integrations.

If you're in a hurry for the package, the instructions for installing bliss on Synology are right here!

The add-in is a fully functional version of bliss, designed to run 24-7 on your NAS. bliss has always been designed as a server side, 'daemon' process, ideal for running on servers, so these NAS integrations are an ideal fit. When you add music to your watched folders, bliss kicks off, assessing the music you have and comparing it for compliance to your rules.

All the credit for the Synology add-in should be reserved for patters, the developer of the add-in. He has found solutions to make sure tricky bits of bliss like the audio fingerprinter and the file listening/notification mechanisms all work on Synology.

This latest version adds support for the latest Synology operating system and several new models of the Synology NAS range (these tend to use specialised processors, so support can sometimes be more difficult).

Let me and patters know how you get on. And if you're interested in writing another integration for a different NAS device, get in touch! I'll do whatever I can do to help you get it written.

Thanks to sridgway for the image above.
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