Release 20130312

This is another small release with a few bug fixes...

For OS X users, two items of importance. First, a bug when bliss encounters an unreadable folder which stops any ongoing scan has been fixed. Scans should now complete for an entire music folder. Second, bliss can now be cleanly stopped via the Quit option in the "bl" Dock icon and Menu item. Also, shutting down the OS with bliss running now works fine.

In addition bliss's memory use has been optimised. bliss 'caches' the contents of music file tags when it reads them to prevent costly, wasted reads from disk. This cache was being allowed to grow too large, potentially crashing bliss. This release limits the size a bit.

One nice improvement is the removal of the 2MB limit to images that bliss will work with. Before, if bliss was configured to shrink artwork, it would not attempt to perform shrinking of images over 2MB. Now a new approach to the shrinking algorithm means that even these larger files can be shrunk.

Getting the latest release

New users should download the new release from the downloads page.

Existing users can update bliss from within the application. Updating is improving to the extent it now appears possible to update without restarting, in most cases. If this doesn't work for you let me know, and if the update appears to break things, here's what to do. You can also download the latest installer and install it, replacing the current installation.

Your existing fixes will be retained!

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