Release 20120821 - full Mountain Lion support

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This release is another set of maintenance fixes for bliss, including one important fix to make sure bliss can be copied to the Applications folder in OS X Mountain Lion.

The release of Mountain Lion on July 25th posed a new challenge to OS X application developers: apps must now be signed so that, by default, they work with a new security mechanism in OS X called Gatekeeper.

I managed to sign bliss such that bliss would work when run from within its distribution DMG. However, copying the app to elsewhere on disk, such as the Applications folder (the common way bliss users 'install' bliss) caused problems.

The problem turned out to be in the way that OS X Finder interacted with the bliss DMG files. This was down to the way the bliss build process was creating these DMG files. On the advice of Apple support I changed the build process, and now the app appears copyable anywhere you have write permissions.

Other fixes

  • Further improvements to cover art lookup coverage
  • Further improvements to the in-app updater
  • bliss no longer sends malformed requests to DBpedia (the source of Wikipedia data)
  • More genre and year matches from Wikipedia
  • Optimise startup such that multiple tag values don't cause a rescan of an album
  • Don't bother looking up 'Various' compilations on Wikipedia
  • When consolidating track artists, if there's a common substring shared by the artist names, use that

How to install

New users should download the new release from the downloads page.

Existing users can update from within the bliss application. Currently, you will have to restart bliss after updating.

Your existing fixes will continue to work!

Thanks to BrickArt!san for the image above.
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