New release - 20110928 - a slight adjustment...


Seems in the last build I introduced a bug into the file organisation rule. This only affects people who have used a custom file organisation pattern with spaces in the literal parts of their paths (for more detail, read on). I've uploaded a new version with this fixed, skip along to the downloads page to get it.

Allow me to explain in plainer terms.

In a file organisation rule pattern you have tokens, and then you have literals. Here's an example:

<album artist>/<album name>/<tracknumber> - <track name>

Everything surrounded by angled brackets are tokens - they are populated by the tags in your music files. Everything else is a literal. The idea is that the literals are obeyed verbatim. This is where the bug is (was). Leading/trailing spaces were being stripped from literals and ignored, so the above pattern would only allow this path:


Whereas it should only allow this path:

Elastica/Elastica/02 - Annie.mp3
                    ↑ ↑ spaces are important!

The new release contains this fix. Get it from the downloads page. Existing fixes apply, of course!

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