New release - 20110127 - automatic MP3 renamer

This release introduces automatic file path fixing. bliss can already assess the file organisation of your music files against your file organisation rule. By specifying a file organisation pattern, bliss can make sure your files are in the correct files, folders and directories, matching the tags for your albums. If the files were not stored in the expected location it would also provide an option to move files to a compliant location.

Now, you can ask bliss to move MP3 files automatically. The default is still to ask to rename MP3s manually, but if automatic mp3 renaming is enabled then bliss will move any uncompliant files without your intervention.

automatic mp3 renamer

Some other smaller improvements in this release include:

  • Lowered disk and memory usage where large images are being worked with/embedded
  • The case sensitivity of Mac filesystems is now correctly deduced
  • Art thumbnails are now clickable when the albums have '#', '?' or '/' in their name
  • Fixed some quirks in the page navigator (the forward/back arrows)
  • Fixed a memory problem when choosing the '/*#~...' filter
  • matches were made a little more accurate
  • Folders are never renamed with a leading or trailing space
  • Improved efficiency when changing rules

Get the new release from the downloads page. Your existing fixes apply to this version too!

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