Organising music files and folders with bliss

There are a number of advantages to organising your music files on your hard drive. For instance, when navigating your hard drive, music becomes easier to find.

The trouble is, for large music collections, this can be tedious and error prone. Further, while you re-organise the files you need to know the contents of the internal music tags so you can synchronise your tags and file locations. This can often mean having your music open in your music player or music tagger and cross-referencing the two manually.

bliss helps by automating the assessment of file paths and offering a one-click fix for files in an incorrect location. This makes organising digital music files and folders much quicker, and less error prone. Here's a video of me organising files and folders with bliss:

First, I set my file organisation rule and applied it. I checked the result and fixed the albums I want to be made compliant. I also clicked through to the file organisation detail to see how bliss had assessed what the location of each album should be, and then what the actual location was.

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