New release - 20101205

A small release this week, while I work on automatic file and folder path fixing.

The compliance of year and genre tags layout has been improved a little. If the tags are compliant there's no text, just a tick. Also, the explanation of non-compliance shouldn't wrap around now.

One bug was fixed with the file notification functionality: bliss listens to updates to files and re-assesses upon update. There was a bug where the removal of folders with periods '.' in their names would be ignored, but that's fixed now.

I ran some stress tests when this latest release was cut and bliss now supports 17,000 albums. At least, that's how large the music library is that the stress tests run against; it probably supports a lot more (there was no sign of degredation), but I didn't have time to run further tests. It takes a long time to run these tests, because new music libraries are generated and bliss works through them all, and obviously the more albums bliss supports the longer it takes!

Get the new release from the downloads page!

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