MP3 tagging software is here! New release - 20101120

This release finally adds the filling in missing tags feature. You should now be able to see a new 'Missing information' rule in the settings. Click 'Fill in missing information' and you'll see the new rule configuration:

MP3 tagging software to find missing tags

Once you've applied these rules, bliss will assess each album for the tags' presence. Here's an example of what you might see when the information is missing:

MP3 tagging software looks for missing tags and suggests new tags

bliss has seen there are no tags for year or genre in this album, and has looked up the values online. Currently, it uses only MusicBrainz for this.

This is the next step toward bliss becoming more generalised MP3 tagging software. Over the coming weeks I want to add more information sources, more tags to manage, and then I want to layer semantic tag management over the top. This is adding rules to how your tags are treated. Let me explain...

An obvious example is genre. In my collection I have too many genres. Personally, I'd like to say I only want coarse grained genres, perhaps choose one of a handful of general genres, rather than having all the highly specific ones. I want bliss to handle that, including the understanding of the relationship between genres where possible. Of course, it should ask you if it's not sure, because semi-automation is better than automation gone wrong.

There's also 'lexical' and 'syntactic' tagging assessment. My wife is a stickler for spelling and capitalisation. She goes bonkers when she sees inconsistent capitalisation (good job she doesn't read this blog!). So if some genres, say, are capitalised and some aren't, I hope bliss can sort that out too, in the future!

Anyway, I was running away with myself there. What else is in the next release?

The file organisation rule has been improved so that, when a directory of music files is moved, the other files are moved with it too. This saves you having to clean up old directories.

A few bugs were fixed. bliss was counting multiple fixes when ripping into the directory watched by bliss. It now just counts one fix per album. Also, leading and trailing periods are now not allowed by the file organisation rule.

I was also working on the first bliss quick start tutorial when creating this release. This is hopefully the first of many. I intend to write quick start guides to file organisation and tagging too.

Get the new release from the downloads page!

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