bliss for Mac OS X is released

The fireworks at the bliss for Mac OS X launch party. Honest!

I'm pleased to announce the release of bliss for Mac OS X! After a month or two of beta testing, the first release of bliss for Mac OS X is available for download. bliss works on all Mac OS X operating systems from Snow Leopard onwards. Thanks to all our beta testers for their help!

There are no functional differences between the Mac version and the existing Windows, Linux and VortexBox versions. You can configure rules to automatically embed cover art and automatically resize cover art. bliss works automatically to assess and correct your album art and assesses files and folder locations. This first release is functionally identical to the 20100919 release.

Just like the other versions, the Mac OS X version runs in the background. This makes it suited for home server music management on Mac servers or the Mac Mini.

So give bliss a try by downloading the free trial. bliss will make up to one hundred fixes free of charge. Let us know what you think on the bliss feedback forums.

(Intel x86)
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