New release - 20100919

While I've been cooking up the Mac version of bliss (due for release on the weekend of the 9th October) development on the Windows, Linux and VortexBox versions continue.

This latest release contains large performance improvements when using the bliss UI against large music collections (over five hundred albums, let's say).

I also fixed case sensitive file path assessment on Windows. Windows (normally) has a case insensitive filesystem. Before, file paths were incorrectly judged as uncompliant due to case differences. Not any more... Also, in a related area, bliss would attempt to include speech marks -> " in file paths if they were in your tags. This is illegal on some filesystems and the fix fails, so bliss won't try this anymore.

Also a beta tester found another WrappedRuntimeException bug related to album art size assessments. That's fixed.

Get the new release from the downloads page!

Oh, and just while I remember I hope you've noticed the new help section of the website. Right now it's just FAQs but I'm hoping to work on some tutorials and more reference material in the future.

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