Album art managers

An album art manager

I've been thinking about how bliss is more of an album art manager than an album art worker. Let me explain...

An album art worker is software that will scan your library and find album art where it's missing. It might find and install it automatically. If there are configurable options you must remember these each time you run the worker, lest you introduce inconsistencies.

bliss is more of an album art manager. It first checks your library complies with your album art rule. Your rule contains your configurable options such as the size your album art should be, whether art should be embedded or not and so on. Then, if your art doesn't conform, bliss will do what it can to fix it automatically, finding art from reputable sources, embedding existing cover art and more. Once that's done, bliss helps you find further new art and automates the change process.

bliss is more autonomous. When you add new music you don't even need to tell bliss, the new music will also be assessed and fixed.

bliss: as much an album art sidekick as an album art manager!

Thanks to m.gifford for the image above.
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