Download bliss for VortexBox

bliss should normally be installed on VortexBox from the VortexBox Web GUI.

However, following some requests from VortexBox users I've made a link available on the download page so you can download the very latest bliss RPM for VortexBox and install it manually.

These up to date releases will bring the latest album art management and general music library management features to VortexBox users.

I've done this because sometimes the released versions of bliss get a good few releases ahead of VortexBox's repositories' own versions of bliss. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of new features or bug fixes, you can now download the RPM and install manually. Here are the instructions for installing bliss manually on VortexBox from the RPM.

These releases are tested by me as vanilla builds of bliss but are not tested exhaustively on the VortexBox by the VortexBox developers, so they rightly do not support such releases. Instead, bother me!

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