Normally, you should use the bliss package that comes with VortexBox. The guys at VortexBox test releases of bliss and make them available within their own repositories. This way, you can install and update bliss from the VortexBox Web UI. However, sometimes the releases can lag behind the latest releases of bliss on If you want to take advantage of new features or bug fixes that have not been released into the VortexBox repositories, you'll have to install them yourself from here.

Please note that versions of bliss downloaded from and installed manually are not supported by VortexBox, so bug me, not them!

Installing the bliss RPM

When installed manually, bliss comes as an RPM. Here are the steps to install:

  1. Download the RPM and store it somewhere on your VortexBox.
  2. Open a terminal and log into the VortexBox as root, if you haven't already
  3. Change directory to where the file was downloaded to
  4. Run:
rpm -U bliss-tagger-20240612-1.fc20.noarch.rpm

Removing the bliss RPM

To remove:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Run:
rpm -e bliss-tagger

Your rule settings and configuration will be retained for future installations (for instance, you may want to re-install the current VortexBox mandated version of bliss in the VortexBox repositories). To delete these:

  1. Open a terminal
cd /root


rm -rf .bliss