This month in digital music libraries - February 2024

Newspaper This month: music journalism woes, new small-tech music projects, data openness and Apple’s Windows Store update for their music services.

Journalist rout

Looks like journalism is having a tough time of it generally at the moment and this is definitely being reflected in music journalism.

Small-tech music

Some interesting indie projects in music this month. First, Faircamp is an alternative to Bandcamp:

We’ve discussed concern about Bandcamp since their acquisition by Songtradr last year. There haven’t been many noticeable stories since the acquisition which would imply a significant existential threat to Bandcamp, other than early post-acquisition layoffs. The emergence of alternatives speak to the enthusiasm in which it is held by music buyers.

So that’s for the music producers. Meanwhile, for the consumers, we have this new album review site.

Why data openness is key

Amid the silo’ing of content and attention on social media and music streaming sites, podcasting has continued on its merry RSS-backed way (despite some efforts otherwise). RSS gives us, the consumer, the power to choose both the podcast player we want to use and also from wherewith the podcast is sourced. To podcast producers it means they can make a podcast available anywhere and have it picked up, so they can choose the host with the most aggreable terms.

Because what happens when all consumers go to one place for their content? This is what happens.

Apple updates their Music apps on Windows

Seems that Apple realise they can’t do without all those Windows users…

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