This month in digital music libraries - June 2023

Newspaper This month we look back on a month providing new music collection tools, interesting reading material about how music affects our brains and some hardware news in the NAS and headphone markets.

New tools for music collecting

A bunch of new apps and tools for music hoarders this month!

A new lossless sync to lossy app, ideal for syncing with storage-constrained mobile devices:

Filebot asked for feedback about a way of executing post-processing scripts after renaming files:

And a new music player app, mainly aimed at the audiophile market:

Music and SCIENCE (a bit)

A couple of interesting alerts this week. First, a book about how music affects our emotions through things like lyrics, key changes and so on. Ever wondered why you get goosebumps listening to a track? Maybe this will explain it…

Meanwhile, a study confirming that active listening is better for your brain than passive background listening…

So how to choose what music to listen to actively? There are a bunch of places I use but this month I was reminded how good RateYourMusic is:

And you can also discover new music via a user-created radio station:


The music industry has been famously poor in providing accurate metadata with music that is sold. Will the growing concern about recording artists’ income neccesitate better tracking metadata so royalties can be properly apportioned?

Meanwhile, the MusicBrainz project continues its Godly work by releasing a new dataset that makes it easier to match music to “canonical” data. This is useful, for instance, where there may be multiple matches for a given album or song and you want to choose the most likely match (e.g. original releases rather than re-masters with different track lists or cover art).

Hardware news

This month, the consumer NAS market lost an entrant. Drobo were formerly popular with photographers rather than music collectors, but nevertheless the loss of a competitor is worrying.

In other news, new Airpod firmware with new features:

But if you’re not in the Apple ecosystem and prefer more hi-fi headphones, take a look at this website with a bunch of hardware hacks to improve your ‘phones audio quality:

Busy month!

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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