This month in digital music libraries - October 2022

Newspaper This month I’ve been retweeting about our relationship with music - how this has changed with the mainstream adoption of streaming, and how we can get better at being listeners to music, rather than consuming it as simple, idle distraction.

Oh, and Bono has finally said sorry.

Generated listening

Research is suggesting listeners enjoy music less when they think it is AI generated…

Meanwhile, white noise audio is the surprising hit on streaming services:

Deliberate listening

At the other end of the human/computer divide, some on Twitter are assembling followers and dictating guidelines for “focused” listening:

This is the continuation of a growing feeling that streaming doesn’t build the same relationship with music that we used to get from collecting and ‘owning’ musical recordings.

Browse and play the Boston Public Library LP collection

The kind of website you can get lost in for hours…

Bono finally apologises

It’s about time indeed!

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