This month in digital music libraries - September 2021

Newspaper In this month’s edition: stats on streaming, security issues with Synology NASes and musicians winding-up software developers.

Streaming - the state of play

First up, the Covid lockdowns would mean lots of people streaming music while working in their dressing-gowns, or whatever, right? Save me your reckons. Whenever some talking-head appears on the news with one elbow on the desk and starts talking authoritatively about what will and won’t happen in some sphere they don’t realise is too complex to predict I think… stop wasting my time.

Meanwhile, it looks like Spotify is not only the leader, it’s increasing its lead…

NAS security issues

Seems we’re getting more and more of these…

Meanwhile, on a similar topic, if you stream a collection to a Sonos device from a Synology NAS, you might have to tweak a setting which makes your NAS less secure to get the two working together:

More consolidation in streaming

Looks like the mainstream services are bringing in niche services to attract different audiences. The question is: as the services are merged, are the benefits of the original service lost?

Ed Sheeran and his choice of naming

I’m sure they do this to annoy software makers.

If your creation requires an explanation of how you pronounce its name, isn’t that a bad thing?

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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