This month in digital music libraries - June 2021


In June’s update, rumours of a new iPod, detecting true audio quality and another incidence of metadata loss when using a cloud music locker.

It’s all “go”!

It’s 2021, who uses an iPod?

Well… a lot of people. Or enough for Apple to (potentially) make a new version anyway. In fact it feels like some sort of resurgence of dedicated devices is back underway. It sounds like it’s most convenient to have one device that does everything, but there’s a tipping point where the compromises made outweigh the benefits of ‘convenience’.

FLAC corruption problem when tagging in Windows Explorer

Sometimes Windows Explorer is a dead simple and convenient tagger. But watch out for this issue with FLACs (although it only affects files with ID3 tags - generally a less common use case).

The best name for a piece of software

Fakin’ The Funk analyses your audio files for quality. This is important because even though sample rate and bit rate give a “sticker” idea of quality, you don’t know the source of the audio originally - it could just be lower quality audio upscaled to a higher rate.

DSM 7 or DSM 6.2?

In case you have a Synology NAS, @RobbieOnTheTube has put together this rundown of how well different devices support the new upcoming OS.

Cloud music storage - metadata loss?

Another incident (to join that of YouTube Music’s) of metadata being stripped from music you have shared into the cloud. Beware, and take backups.

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