This month in digital music libraries - April 2021

Newspaper After last month’s hiatus TMIDML is back! This month: new additions to the cloud music series, fist shaking at Apple, UPnP security and free, classic radio broadcasts.

MediaLeap under test

As part of our popular cloud music lockers and storage services series, I’ve been testing out MediaLeap to add to the roundup:

… then later I also added BRIO by OraStream:

… and MusicSync too

I also tested MusicSync and added my thoughts to the cloud music player article.

Flogging a dead horse.

Over six and a half years ago I wrote about the reaction to Apple foisting music on your music library. Well guess what? They’re still doing exactly the same thing. Serves me right for installing iTunes in 2021 I suppose.

UPnP security

It turns out that the way UPnP is implemented in some consumer routers can lead to security problems. I know a lot of self-storing music nerds use UPnP for playing music around their homes, so check this out!

Music library backup with the Computer Audiophile

I was invited to write an article on cloud-based music library backup by the Computer Audiophile.

Download old-time radio broadcasts

A fascinating website featuring old radio recordings you can download and listen to.

See you next month!

Photo by Bruno Bučar on Unsplash

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