This month in digital music libraries - January 2021

Newspaper Over the Christmas and New Year holiday periods it was a great time - especially in lockdown! - to reconsider your home media setup. This month’s round up include a couple of self-hosting resources, plus also a couple of music collection updates.

Starry-eyed critic fails to recognise 75-year old artform

… in which @joncaramanica spectacularly fails to recognise the concept of a collection being an art form in its own right. updates their best-of 2018 and 2019 album lists

I’m pretty addicted to buying second hand CDs by scouring and was waiting for this… they posted two new best-of-year lists.

Building a “perfect media server”

A very nicely presented microsite which is especially detailed about getting the basic hardware and OS configuration right. It’s good to see containerization being used for this, for a long time I’ve been convinced it’s the right way to go to reduce dependencies between the services on your media server (or any home server). Back in the day I have used VMware and KVM which are lower level technologies, but the idea still applies.

A self hosting podcast

More self-hosting news - a regular self-hosting podcast worth subscribing to!

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